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Want to live long, and healthy? This 100-year-old lady shares her STRONG secrets

Madeline Paldo, 100, deeply values her family and friends.Courtesy of Madeline Paldo

Do you ever wonder what it takes to achieve the remarkable milestone of turning 100 while still enjoying a healthy life? 

Is it simply good genes, or is there more to the story? 

Meet Madeline Paldo, who recently celebrated her centenary and offers valuable insights into the art of aging gracefully.

Madeline’s story is one of continuous dedication to work. For 81 years, from the age of 18 to 99, she remained gainfully employed, and she believes that staying busy was instrumental in her extraordinary journey. 

“That kept me busy, and I enjoyed working,” she explains. “Retirement, I don’t like too much.”

Her work life began when her family launched a sign business in Chicago, with Madeline managing office affairs. Interactions with customers became a cherished aspect of her job, and she relished the experience. 

“I liked being with the public. I liked being with people,” Madeline recounts. “I liked to go to work.”

The importance of maintaining strong relationships also emerges from Madeline’s story, aligning with an 85-year Harvard study that links positive relationships to happiness and longevity. 

Madeline places great emphasis on family and friends. At 100, she remains socially engaged, attending family gatherings and sharing meals with her children. She treasures weekly outings to Dunkin’ Donuts with her son, highlighting the joy derived from companionship.

While genetics may have played a role, with her older sister living to the age of 103, Madeline attributes her robust health to a primarily plant-based diet and an active lifestyle. 

“I’m in pretty great shape for 100,” she asserts proudly, demonstrating her ability to navigate stairs with ease.

Healthy eating habits were ingrained during her childhood when her family relied heavily on vegetables due to financial constraints. Even today, she avoids junk food and maintains a health-conscious lifestyle.

Madeline’s optimistic outlook on life is yet another factor contributing to her longevity. She believes that “everything can be solved” and expresses gratitude for her good health. 

Her life’s journey offers valuable lessons on the role of work, relationships, and a positive mindset in the pursuit of a long and fulfilling life.

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