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News Times-HD proudly stands at the forefront of Pakistan’s news websites, offering an unswerving commitment to delivering real-time, pinpoint-accurate coverage across the spectrum of current affairs, business analytics, sports fervor, cutting-edge tech revelations, and groundbreaking health insights. Our exceptional team of seasoned journalists and astute analysts works tirelessly to ensure you are consistently updated with the latest news and global events, sourced from both Pakistan and around the world.

At News Times-HD, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential of information to mold our world. It’s our unwavering mission to provide journalism that not only informs but enlightens, striking the ideal balance of fairness, equilibrium, and profound insight. Our paramount objective is to keep our readers not only informed but fervently engaged with the ever-evolving world that surrounds them.

We extend our sincere appreciation for entrusting News Times-HD as your primary hub for news and information. Our team is perpetually ready and eager to serve you with excellence. Welcome to a new era of news, right here at News Times-HD!


“At News Times-HD, our vision is to equip our readers with precise and succinct reporting that shines a light on the reality of global events. We are dedicated to offering extensive coverage of worldwide occurrences, aiming to cultivate well-informed individuals who can enact meaningful change in our world. We firmly uphold the belief that knowledge is the ultimate power, and our unwavering commitment is to empower our audience with the force of truth.”


“Here at News Times-HD, we aim to give readers timely, reliable, and accurate reporting on worldwide events. Through in-depth coverage of current events, business analytics, sports, tech news, and health, we are dedicated to providing the truth. Our objective is to educate and equip our audience with the knowledge they need to change the world.”


Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan
(Editor-in-Chief) Chairman of Sports Writers Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar, Pakistan.
Senior Sports Journalist at (APP) Associated Press of Pakistan, the nation’s premier news agency. Email:cheifeditor@newstimeshd.com / Shanankhan@hotmail.com
WhatsApp#: +92 (344) 9816000

Mr. Paras Ahmad
(Editor) Email: editor@newstimeshd.com
WhatsApp#: +92 (336) 9816000

Mr. Gul Dar Khan
(Chief Reporter) Senior Reporter at Daily Frontier AntiCorruption Report, Urdu Newspaper Peshawar, Pakistan.
Email: chiefreporter@newstimeshd.com / journalist_gk1984@hotmail.com / WhatsApp#: +92 (315) 3153151595

Mr. Ihsan Ur Rehman
(Chief Correspondent) Toronto, Canada / Email: ihsanjournalistkpk@gmail.com / WhatsApp#: +92 (300) 9359082

Mr. Abdur Rehman
(Chief Correspondent) Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Email: alfaroman7@gmail.com / WhatsApp#: +97 (158) 9047385


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