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Editorial Team

Meet the faces behind News Times-HD:

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan (Editor-in-Chief):

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan serves as the Editor-in-Chief of News Times HD. With a distinguished career in journalism, he holds the position of Chairman of the Sports Writers Association in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, Pakistan. His extensive experience and leadership skills contribute to the editorial direction of the publication.

Email: WhatsApp: (+92) 344-9816000

Mr. Paras Ahmad (Editor):

Mr. Paras Ahmad holds the position of Editor at News Times HD. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for journalism, he plays a crucial role in shaping the content of the publication. His dedication to excellence ensures that News Times HD maintains its high standards.

Email: WhatsApp: (+92) 336-9816000

Mr. Gul Dar Khan (Chief Reporter):

Mr. Gul Dar Khan serves as the Chief Reporter at News Times HD. With a background as a Senior Reporter at Daily Frontier AntiCorruption Report, Urdu Newspaper in Peshawar, Pakistan, he brings a wealth of investigative journalism experience to the team. His commitment to uncovering the truth and reporting with integrity makes him a valuable asset to the publication

Email: WhatsApp: (+92) 315-3151595

Mr. Ihsan Ur Rehman (Chief Correspondent):

Mr. Ihsan Ur Rehman serves as the Chief Correspondent for News Times HD from Toronto, Canada. With his international perspective and deep understanding of current affairs, he provides insightful coverage of a wide range of topics. His reporting adds depth and diversity to the publication’s content.

Email: WhatsApp: (+92) 300-9359082

Mr. Waseem Khan (Chief Correspondent):

Mr. Waseem Khan holds the position of Chief Correspondent for News Times HD, based in Doha, Qatar. With his extensive network and knowledge of regional dynamics, he offers valuable insights into Middle Eastern affairs. His reporting contributes to the global perspective of the publication.

Email: WhatsApp: (+974) 3089-5460

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