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Unique Railway Station Of India: Ticket Window In Maharashtra, Station Master In Gujarat

In a country as diverse as India, there exist numerous landmarks and locations that symbolize unity in diversity. Among these, the Navapur Railway Station holds a unique distinction, as it lies on the border shared by two culturally rich states, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Serving as a lifeline for travellers between these regions, this railway station not only connects people but also showcases the harmonious coexistence of different cultures.

Situated in the Navapur town, the railway station is located at the state border, making it accessible to both Gujarat and Maharashtra residents. Navapur is an integral part of the railway network managed by the Western Railway zone of India. The railway platform of Navapur is divided by the state border line and gives the passengers and unique opportunity to alight in one state and enter the other state by just walking on the platform.

Navapur Railway Station is a unique juncture situated on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat, with one-half of the station located in each state. What sets this station apart is the intriguing division where the ticket window is positioned in Maharashtra, while the station master’s office is situated in Gujarat. This separation reflects the station’s rich blend of cultures, making it a truly distinctive place.

A remarkable feature of Navapur Railway Station is its multilingual approach. Announcements at the station are made in four languages, namely Hindi, English, Gujarati, and Marathi. This linguistic diversity aims to provide a seamless travel experience for passengers hailing from both Maharashtra and Gujarat. The informative signage at the station is also presented in these four languages.

Navapur is divided not just in terms of administrative aspects but also in its facilities. The railway police station and catering services are located on the Maharashtra side in the Nandurbar district, while the waiting room, water tank, and toilets are positioned in Tapi district on the Gujarat side.

The station stretches over a total length of 800 meters, with 300 meters residing in Maharashtra and 500 meters falling within Gujarat’s borders. An intriguing aspect is how the division extends to the trains themselves. When a train arrives at Navapur, part of it is within Maharashtra while the other part sits in Gujarat. This means that a train coming from Maharashtra might have its engine located in Gujarat, and vice versa.

The intriguing division of Navapur Railway Station stems from its historical context. This station was originally constructed during a time when Maharashtra and Gujarat were part of the united Mumbai province. However, when Mumbai province was partitioned into two separate states, Maharashtra and Gujarat, on May 1, 1961, Navapur Railway Station found itself at the boundary of these two states. Since then, it has held a distinct identity as a place that beautifully bridges the cultural and administrative borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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