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Tom Brady feels bad for ‘hurting’ Gisele Bündchen over Netflix roast

Tom Brady feels bad for ‘hurting’ Gisele Bündchen with Netflix roast 

Tom Brady is working to make things right with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen after he unintentionally hurt her by saying yes to the Netflix special The Roast of Tom Brady.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the former NFL quarterback feels ‘bad’ for being the reason behind offending the Brazilian model, with whom he shares two kids.

Sharing more insights into the matter, a source revealed, “Gisele was definitely offended by some of the comments at Tom’s roast,” adding, “He feels bad that she was hurt and is doing his best to be a good co-parent and lift their kids up.”

“Tom knows it might take some time for everyone to move on, but also recognizes that the remarks weren’t in his control and he wasn’t happy with some of them, too,” the insider added.

As for the model, she leaned on her boyfriend, Joaquim Valente, to cope up with the situation after participants of the show, including Kevin Hart, targeted her new romance while roasting Brady.

“Joaquim has been there for Gisele and they have a nice, supportive relationship,” they said of her new beau. “Gisele is still taking things one day at a time and is protective of herself and her well-being, and more importantly, her kids’ well-being.”

“She is trying to be thoughtful when navigating next steps and is continuing to appreciate the loving relationship in front of her,” the insider shared.

Right after the show was dropped on the streaming giant, a source told the publication that Bündchen found the jokes “distasteful and disrespectful,” especially the ones about her personal life.

However, she was more disappointed in Brady for participating in the roast, knowing that his personal life and their divorce could be targeted.

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