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Somalia’s national ID system launched with NADRA’s help | The Express Tribune

Prime Minister of Somalia Hamza Abdi Barre on Sunday inaugurated the Somali National Identification System (SNIDS) in partnership with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

The mega event held in Mogadishu on the International Identity Day was attended by Somalia development partners, including Pakistan, the EU, World Bank Group, the UK, the USA, Gulf countries, ID4Africa, diplomats and UN agencies.

Speaking on the occasion, the Somalian prime minister extended his profound gratitude to his Pakistani counterpart and NADRA for their invaluable support in implementing the SNIDS.

He also expressed appreciation for their generous assistance in capacity building for the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), Somalia.

Other dignitaries, including UN Special Representative for Somalia Catriona Laing and British Ambassador to Somalia Mike Nithavrianakis, appreciated NADRA’s robust systems and congratulated the governments of Pakistan and Somalia on this successful accomplishment. The project is part of the multimillion-dollar grant extended by the government of Pakistan to the brotherly nation of Somalia.

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The delivery of national ID enables NIRA and Ministry of Interior, Somalia to implement its mandate in enhancing the country’s governance, security, and socioeconomic development by providing the citizens of Somalia with a secure and universally recognised form of identification.

President of Somalia Hassan M Sheikh also extended his deep gratitude to the government of Pakistan while being enrolled for his national ID amongst other dignitaries of the Somalian government who were also enrolled in the national ID system as part of the registration drive.

The SNIDS shall facilitate more efficient public service delivery, including social welfare programmes, healthcare services, and electoral processes, leading to improved governance.

NADRA Chairman Asad Rehman Gilani sent a message to his counterpart in Somalia, saying: “NADRA takes immense pride in the successful execution and launch of Somalia’s National Identification System. This achievement reinforces Pakistan’s vision for a more secure and prosperous Somalia, where every citizen has access to reliable identification.”

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