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Siraj urges govt not to decide Afghan refugees issue in haste | The Express Tribune

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq has called upon the federal government to reconsider its decision of setting November 1 deadline for the eviction of illegal Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan.

In a statement made on Saturday, Haq emphasised the deep-rooted ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan, likening the relationship to that of twin brothers who share the same culture and religion, Express News reported.

Speaking at a meeting of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Committee on Afghan Affairs held at Al-Markaz-ul-Islami Peshawar, Haq addressed the simmering tensions between the Pakistani and Afghan governments, stemming from the ultimatum given to illegal refugees to leave Pakistan promptly.

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Haq stressed the importance of both nations working collaboratively to create a comprehensive plan for the smooth evacuation of Afghan refugees. He cautioned against hasty decisions that could exacerbate existing problems and widen differences between the two sides.

Recalling their joint history of resistance against imperialist forces, Haq stressed the need for strategic planning to ensure a prosperous future for both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He noted that, with the recent establishment of a more stable government in Afghanistan, many countries were reopening their embassies there. Consequently, Haq urged Pakistan not to incite animosity during this critical period.

Haq pledged to advocate for Afghan refugees on various national platforms, acknowledging the decades-long support provided by the people of Pakistan to their Afghan brethren. He also acknowledged the sacrifices made by Pakistan in supporting Afghan refugees.

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The JI chief further underscored the importance of cooperation between the two countries in combating terrorism, stating, “We also expect the Afghan government to cooperate with Pakistan against terrorism in Pakistan.”

He cautioned against divisive efforts by ‘secular forces’, emphasising the need for both nations to exercise restraint and foresight.

In a joint effort to resolve the issue, Haq called for both countries to work together and find a dignified solution for the evacuation of unregistered Afghan refugees in Pakistan by October 31.

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