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Selena Gomez ‘proud’ and ‘free’ After revealing Bipolar Disorder

Selena Gomez recently discussed her journey with bipolar disorder and lupus on Hoda Kotb’s podcast Making Space, where she was joined by Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. 

Gomez shared her mission to destigmatize mental illness, revealing that she no longer fears being labeled by her past medical diagnoses. Instead, she feels a sense of freedom in sharing her story.

During the podcast, she expressed how defining herself has evolved. She described herself as a “loving” and “caring” person who genuinely wants to help others. 

She reflected on the distractions and noise of life, emphasizing that titles no longer scare her because she has claimed and told her own story. 

This act of self-assertion, she noted, brought her a profound sense of freedom.

On the same day, the singer hosted her third annual Rare Beauty Mental Health Summit, where she wore the same outfit as during the podcast recording. 

At the summit, she announced that her Rare Impact Fund had raised $7 million for mental health initiatives.

During the event, Gomez expressed her gratitude and inspiration: “Mental health means so much to me, and I’m honored we get to share this mission with the world together,” she told attendees. 

“Thank you to everyone who joined us and continues to use their voice for good!” She also noted that the summit left her feeling “inspired by the next generation” and “filled with so much hope.”

In October, Selena opened up about her bipolar disorder diagnosis during her first fund benefit. 

Reflecting on her journey, she stated, “I struggled with the world inside my head for a long time and I felt lost and hopeless at times. In 2020, I received my diagnosis of bipolar disorder.” 

She added that the diagnosis provided her with much-needed answers and knowledge, helping her to become more aware and less afraid.

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