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Rebecca Loos speaks out amidst accusation of David Beckham ‘affair’

Rebecca Loos speaks out amidst accusation of David Beckham ‘affair’ 

Rebecca Loos offered a cryptic response when questioned about her affair claims following the release of the BECKHAM docuseries.

The Dutch glamour model, aged 46, gained notoriety in 2004 when she alleged that she had an affair with David Beckham, who is now 48.

These allegations resurfaced in the former footballer’s documentary series, leading to Rebecca receiving a barrage of cruel messages from online trolls.

Several commenters questioned if she had been lying about the affair, with one person writing: ‘Nowhere have I seen an admittance that the story was true.’

Replying to the remark another commenter reasoned: ‘if it wasn’t true then they would have sued for defamation,’ prompting Rebecca to ‘like’ the remark and respond with a prayer hands emoji.

Ex-reality personality Rebecca has been the target of some harsh criticism on social media, prompting her followers to send her some kind words.

One person wrote in her Instagram comments: ‘Hope you’re ok in light of everything sweetheart, and sincerely hope everyone is kind to you these days xxx,’ with Rebecca responding with a simple love heart emoji.

Rebecca revealed she was trying to see the positive side of the negative remarks.

As one fan penned ‘Some of the comments on here are disgusting!!! Stay strong You have a beautiful life with your gorgeous family which unlike others doesn’t have to fill the gaps by getting Netflix involved!!! Xx’, Rebecca responded: ‘Thank you am taking in the nasty comments with as much humour as I can 

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