PTI candidates to contest election independently for 22 National Assembly seats in Karachi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidates will contest the upcoming general election for 22 National Assembly seats in Karachi independently. 

The PTI representatives contesting the election as independent candidates have been allotted election symbols like racket, tennis ball, bottle, drum, brinjal and many other things used in day to day life.  

In NA-229 Malir-l, PTI candidate Wali Muhammad Mugheri has got the election symbol of peacock, in NA-230 Malir-ll Dr Masroor Sial has been allotted racket, in NA-231 Malir-lll Khalid Mehmood Ali has been allotted tennis ball, in NA-232 Karachi Korangi-l Aleem Adil Sheikh has been allotted racket, in NA-233 Karachi Korangi-ll Advocate Haris Meo has been allotted still camera, in NA-234 Karachi Korangi-lll Faheem Khan has been allotted bottle and in NA-235 Karachi East-l Saif ur Rehman has been allotted tower. 

In NA-236 Karachi East-ll Muhammad Alamgir Khan has been given brinjal, in NA-237 Karachi East-lll Advocate Zahoor Mehsud has been awarded bed and in NA-238 Karachi East-lV Haleem Adil Sheikh has been allotted table tennis ball. 

In NA-239 Karachi South-l Yasir Baloch, NA-240 Karachi South-ll Ramzan Ghachi and NA-241 Karachi South-lll Khurram Sher Zaman have been allotted drum. 

In NA-242 Karachi Keamari-l Dawa Khan and NA-243 Karachi Keamari-ll Advocate Shujaat Ali Khan will contest the election with the symbol of table. In NA-244 Karachi West-l Aftab Jahangir has been given cricket stumps, in NA-245 Karachi West-ll Ataullah Khan and in NA-246 Karachi West-lll Malik Arif Awan have been allotted racket. 

In NA-247 Karachi Central-l Tabish Taufique has been allotted geyser. In NA-248 Karachi Central-ll Arslan Khalid and in NA-249 Karachi Central-lll Barrister Uzair Ghouri have been allotted the English alphabet “P”. In NA-250 Karachi Central-lV Riaz Hyder has been allotted the election symbol of dove. 


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