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Pakistan witnessed increase in terrorism after Taliban takeover Kabul: PM Kakar – SUCH TV

Caretaker prime minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar said that Afghan leaders’ threatening statements have raised concerns over regional stability and upon non-responsive behavior from the Kabul government, Pakistan has now been taking proactive steps.

He said the uptick in terrorism was observed after the Taliban took over Kabul and formed an interim government in Afghanistan. He said it is hoped that the Afghan interim government will take measures against Teherek-e-Taliban Pakistan members in Afghanistan.

Kakar also drew attention to Afghan interim government leaders’ threatening remarks’ regarding Pakistan. He said Benami properties have become potential hubs for terrorism.

Despite this, Pakistan has assured that it is not under any external pressure to act, and its efforts are a result of its commitment to regional security.

He said Pakistan has handed over a list of terrorists to Kabul, indicating its commitment to tackle the issue of terrorism jointly with Afghanistan.

“The decision to take matters into their own hands comes in response to the recent behavior of the Afghan government,” he added.

Kakar said Pakistan’s leadership is determined to maintain law and order within its borders.

“Any individual found involved in wrongful activities will face severe criminal proceedings as part of the country’s efforts to combat terrorism and maintain national security,” he vowed.

He emphasized that illegal Afghan refugees are not considered enemies.

“The government is taking measures to correct past policies and ensure the safety of Afghan refugees. The voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees is gaining momentum, reflecting positive steps taken by the Pakistani government in this regard,” he said.

He defended deportation of illegal foreigners asserting that they are not enacted out of context but as part of a broader effort to ensure regional stability and security.

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