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Musk is optimistic that Starship rocket won’t explode again | The Express Tribune

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is hopeful that his Starship will not explode the next time it’s launched.

In a teleconference appearance at a spaceflight convention in Azerbaijan, Elon Musk shared the plans of SpaceX regarding the new Starship. He didn’t share any dates for it. However, the company is optimistic about the launch. Musk added, “We think it will work, but we aren’t sure if it will work.”

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Previously, SpaceX had launched its first orbital flight test of the multi-billion-dollar Starship after working on it for more than a decade. However, it went through an explosion after launch. Initially, there were doubts that SpaceX would go for another round.

To give clarity, Musk had announced that SpaceX will go for a second attempt. However, they will improve the system that caused the explosion.

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