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Meghan Markle supports Prince Harry with statement snubbing royal family

Meghan Markle appeared in a new heart touching advertorial in support of her husband Prince Harry’s Invictus Games.

The Duchess of Sussex offered her voice to narrative the emotional journey and the essence of the Invictus Games. The video, which was played at the seminar on Monday, showcases Meghan meeting with families who were sharing hugs and narrating their stories.

“What does recovery mean to you?” the former Suits actress could be heart over the video. “For some, it means reclaiming their narrative, revolutionising your mindset. It’s a change that’s not only physical, it’s mental, emotional, social.”

The narration continued to describe the Invictus Games being “more than what meets the eye” and touched up on the struggles veterans go through.

“Healing does not happen alone, it takes a village. And is for the village. And one of the most essential parts of the process is having people surround you who understand. To grow as one unit, to achieve limitless potential,” Meghan said in the voiceover.

“To remind us above all else, in this international family no one gets left behind. Because this is Invictus, we are Invictus together.”

The message appears to be a swipe at the royal family as Harry has publicly that he allegedly has a lack of compassion and support he received from his family after Diana’s tragic death in his explosive memoir Spare.

Harry, who is estranged from his father, claimed that King Charles didn’t even hug him when they were rocked by the news that Diana had perished in a car crash.

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