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London: Fire at Luton airport car park prompts flight suspension

Fire at Luton airport car park prompts flight suspension

Luton Airport experienced a major disruption as a fire erupted on the top floor of a multi-story car park, leading to the suspension of all flights. 

Dramatic videos shared by witnesses on social media showcased towering flames on the car park’s top floor, with approximately 80% of the area engulfed in fire.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as chaotic, with cars exploding as the fire rapidly spread through multiple levels. Concerned onlookers watched in horror as plumes of smoke billowed into the sky.

The incident unfolded at Terminal Car Park 2 in Bedfordshire, leading to an immediate response from emergency services, including the Bedfordshire Fire Service. Despite the alarming visuals, there were no reported casualties.

Robson O’Reardon, a user on social media platform X, shared a clip around 11:15pm that appeared to show part of the car park collapsing amidst the flames, heightening the sense of urgency and danger.

Molly Bullard, another eyewitness, labeled the situation as “scary scenes,” explaining that the fire rapidly expanded through the car park levels, resulting in car explosions. 

Emergency services remained on the scene, with more resources, including the Hazardous Area Response Team, en route to manage the situation.

In response to the fire, London Luton Airport swiftly suspended all flights and restricted access to the airport. Passengers were advised to stay updated on the situation through official channels. Firefighters worked diligently to control the blaze while addressing the potential hazards.

The speed at which the fire tore through the car park was described as “incredible” by Russell Taylor, an eyewitness who had just arrived at Luton Airport from Edinburgh. He witnessed fire engines arriving at the scene, with cars ablaze on the upper floor and the sound of car alarms and explosions filling the air.

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