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King Charles does not know what to do with Kate Middleton

Experts believe it is Kate Middleton, not Meghan Markle who is walking in unchartered waters because the monarchy have never had someone like her.

Insights into this have been shared by royal commentator Tessi Dunlop.

She weighed in on everything in one of her interviews with OK magazine.

During the course of this chat, the expert pointed out the shocking nature of Kate Middleton’s current role.

She was even quoted saying, “Kate has very much charted her own course in some respects, she’s an outsider.”

“She’s an incredibly successful import into the royal family and bought into the institution of monarchy, almost like no other outsider has, and reaffirmed its sort of conventional parameters.”

Despite Queen Camilla being higher on the hierarchy than Kate Middleton, it’s no doubt that she enjoys more popularity than the Princess of Wales.

This popularity is similar to that of Princess Diana, who died well before she reached Kate’s age.

According to the insider, “Kate is now in uncharted waters in modern history, and I think that’s worth bearing in mind.”

This is because “”Diana] had died before she got to Kate’s age,” hence “they (the monarchy) haven’t had a Kate.”

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