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Jada Pinkett ‘grinding’ Will Smith into ‘ground’: ‘Their kids are traumatized’

Jada Pinkett ‘grinding’ Will Smith into ‘ground’: ‘Their kids are traumatized’

Will Smith and his estranged wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s messy marital life has reportedly having a distressing impact on their children, Willow and Jaden.

Even though the news of the couple’s separation comes as a shock for their fans, Will and Jada’s kids’ social media posts hinted that something was wrong in their family.

Speaking with National Enquirer, a source revealed revealed that both Willow and Jaden are currently in a delicate emotional state and appear to be deeply affected by their parents’ behavior.

“Willow and Jaden are both extremely fragile right now and clearly traumatized by their parents’ behavior to the point where they’re acting out,” the source said.

“People are sick and tired of Jada’s two-faced lies and airing dirty laundry while grinding Will into the ground,” the insider added. “It seems to be having an adverse effect on their kids, too.”

Willow, a 22-year-old singer, recently startled fans by sharing an image of a cartoon character in a hospital bed connected to an IV drip, with a caption indicating a worsening “condition.”

She also posted another message the day before, stating, “You either quit or keep going, they both hurt.”

The source said of Willow, “She is humiliated by the public way her parents have destroyed their marriage and each other,” adding, “She’s crying out for attention, causing fear for her well-being.”

Jaden, who openly acknowledges using psychedelic drugs, also raised concern, just a week after his sister, by posting a photo of himself with paramedics in the background carrying medical bags.

“Their kids are sending these twisted SOS calls for help,” said the source. “People are pointing the finger of blame at Jada and Will for letting this happen.”

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