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In Bihar’s Bhojpur, Two Young Men Lead The Poultry Farm Boom – News18

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Last Updated: November 07, 2023, 20:08 IST

Abhishek and his friend largely profited from modern chicken and duck farming.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, two young boys in Bihar quit studying and started a business of duck and chicken farming.

In Bihar’s Bhojpur region, two enterprising young men’s journey from student life to poultry entrepreneurs is a unique story of resilience and innovation. When the COVID-19 lockdown halted life as they knew it, these individuals seized the opportunity to change their fate.

Abhishek, one of the young men, explained that they initiated poultry farming three years ago with a small number of chickens. What began as a modest endeavour soon grew into a thriving poultry business, now yielding an annual income of approximately Rs 6 lakh. Abhishek and his friends introduced the concept of duck farming to their region, which quickly gained traction. Their commitment and collaborative efforts have propelled their poultry business to new heights.

The impressive scale of their poultry venture includes over 1,000 ducks of the Sonali breed, as well as more than 1,000 Indian Runner and Khaki Campbell ducks. They have diversified their operations further by engaging in quail farming. With a shed capable of housing around 10,000 ducks and a 2.5-acre pond, they now rear approximately 5,000 ducks and 1,000 Sonali chickens, attracting the attention of local buyers and orders from various districts and states.

A noteworthy aspect of their success is their ability to meet high demand, which primarily originates from regions outside Bhojpur. While duck meat may not be the preferred choice among locals, the burgeoning interest from other districts and states has ensured that they are unable to fulfil all their orders. Additionally, they have tapped into supply chains involving train transportation to cater to a wider market.

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