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Heavyweight Bryde’s whale washes ashore near Balochistan coast

KARACHI – Pakistan’s least populated province located in the southwest is the terrain of mesmerising coastline and in recent development the residents witnessed a rare sight finding a 27-foot-long Bryde’s whale.

Bryde’s whales are commonly seen in the tropical and subtropical regions, and a huge Bryde’s whale washed up dead near Balochistan’s coast in a remote area of Raini Hor.

Reports in the local media suggest that the lifeless mammal was trapped in fishermen’s net in a coastal area of Gwadar which they brought on the shore near Pasni and Shumal Bundar.

WWF officials confirmed that marks of fishing nets can be seen on the body of the endangered species that got killed after being strangled in the fishing gear.

The incident also raised questions about the death of endangered species that is under serious threat in the Arabian Sea.

A couple of years back, a similar Bryde’s whale was found dead on Balochistan coast, which was also found entangled in a fishing net.

Bryde’s whales are baleen whales found in warm temperate and tropical waters worldwide, and these aquatic mammals face threats, including ship strikes, entanglement in fishing gear, and habitat degradation.

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