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Gamma: an AI presentation creator | The Express Tribune

Visual presentations are an integral part of businesses and academics, and while some of us may not be as great at creating aesthetically appealing pptx, we can ace confidentely presenting ideas to a group of people. Gamma is here to help presenters with their visual presentations, while they work on the essential points they will go over.

AI technology has made it rather easy for many arduous tasks to be achieved in just a tap, with the least amount of pondering and effort. Gamma uses just the same technology to help you ace beautiful presentations.

The dynamic design of the app aids you in working swiftly in a visual environment, incorporating varied content from videos to spreadsheets. Gamma users have praised the platform for being quite time-efficient, with a blend of document and deck experience. The user-friendly app makes it easy for users to navigate and collaborate work with embedded multimedia content.

To use this simple app, you will have to sign up for free. Gamma offers New Deck, New from Template, New with AI, and Import options, to begin your project. Selecting “New with AI”, three options would be presented, Presentation, Document, and Webpage. Users will be expected to enter a topic prompt, which will enable Gamma to suggest outlines for your topic, which can be selected as they are or modified. Users will also be prompted to choose a theme with a multitude of layouts, color options, and fonts based on your topic.

Presentations will automatically begin to take shape after all prompts have been filled in. Gamma offers built-in analytics, quick reactions, and comments for feedback. The app can also break down walls of text into bite-sized, interactive cards to fit into presentations.


The app’s basic free plan offers unlimited users, with 400 credits for AI decks, basic analytics, 7-day change history, customizable themes, and built-in templates. The Premium plan of Gamma is still on its way, planning to offer its users unlimited AI credits, removing the Gamma badge on presentations, advanced analytics and theme customizations.


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