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From A Tiny Soda Shop To Rs 1900 Crore Empire: Read Tale Of A Self-Made Business Magnate

New Delhi: From its humble beginnings as a street soda shop in 1907, this iconic ice cream brand has transformed into a household name, representing the epitome of frozen delight. The journey of Vadilal’s success is not just a tale of frozen treats; it’s a story of vision, innovation, and generations of dedication.

Here’s the story of the Vadilal ice cream brand. (Also Read: Who Is Vineeta Agarwal, Wife Of IIT Alumnus Turned CEO, Once Had Package Of Rs 100 Crore But Was Fired Due To…)

Vadilal Ice Cream: Foundation

Vadilal Gandhi, a visionary resident of Ahmedabad, sowed the seeds of this remarkable legacy in 1907. His modest venture started with the sale of soda, a refreshing beverage that resonated with the local community. (Also Read: 10 Most Followed Personalities On Twitter And Their Follower Counts)

Soon, Vadilal Gandhi introduced an additional delight – handcrafted ice cream. The response was overwhelming; people flocked to taste his delectable creations.

Passing Over To Next Generation

Ranchod Lal Gandhi, the son of Vadilal Gandhi, was given control of this growing company and took it upon himself to grow the heritage. Ranchod Lal Gandhi’s visionary leadership resulted in the opening of the first store, appropriately named Vadilal Soda Fountain, in Ahmedabad in 1926. This was a turning point because ice creams came into the picture.

In the same year, Ranchod Lal Gandhi introduced an imported ice cream maker from Germany, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. This action not only improved the flavour but also opened new doors for growth.

When India attained freedom, Vadilal had already built up four locations throughout the city, paving the way for future expansion.

Achieving Milestone

Significant turning points may be seen throughout Vadilal’s path. By making “The Largest Ice Cream Sundae” in November 2001, the company secured their place in the Limca Book of Records.

180 people worked together to create this enormous work of art, which required a record-breaking 60 minutes to build 4,950 litres of ice cream, 125 kg of dry fruits, 255 kg of fresh fruits, and 390 litres of various sauces.


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