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Congo virus takes another life in Karachi

KARACHI – Another person suffering from Congo virus passed away at a private hospital in Sindh capital on Friday.

This is the third death from Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in the last five days.

The deceased was transferred from Quetta to Sindh Infectious Diseases Hospital in Karachi where he was on ventilator.

“A total of seventeen patients, comprising both suspected and confirmed cases of CCHF, were sent to Karachi. Two have been released, and two have died, according to a spokesman for the Sindh health department.

He stated, “To deal with the situation, an emergency has been declared in all government-run hospitals of the province.”

Balochistan government issued a red warning on Sunday due to the concerning Congo virus fever situation in the province, which has resulted in 16 fatalities.

The health and livestock agencies of the province have been instructed to take prompt action to stop the disease by Caretaker Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Domki.

Chief minister gave the order to notify the public as soon as possible about the infection. He also gave the go-ahead for antiviral spraying on cattle ranches.

The Congo virus is a dangerous virus that can cause bleeding at an early stage and is transmitted to humans primarily through ticks on cattle and other livestock. Symptoms of the virus are similar to those of dengue fever but can quickly become life-threatening. The health department has advised people to take precautions such as wearing protective clothing and using insect repellent when in contact with livestock to avoid contracting the virus.

Medical experts warn that the Congo virus has a high fatality rate, and there is currently no specific treatment or vaccine available for the virus.

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