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Almonds Can Help You Lose Weight And Improve Heart Health, Says Study

The study was published in the journal Obesity. When it comes to weight reduction, nuts often get a poor rap: while they’re high in protein, they’re also heavy in fat, which often puts people off. However, recent research from the University of South Australia indicates that you can eat almonds and lose weight at the same time.

Researchers showed that when energy-restricted diets were supplemented with Californian almonds or carbohydrate-rich snacks, both diets successfully lowered body weight by roughly 7kg.

More than 1.9 billion persons worldwide are overweight (650 million are obese). In Australia, two out of every three persons (about 12.5 million adults) are overweight or obese.

According to UniSA researcher Dr Sharayah Carter, the study shows how nuts can help with weight control and cardiometabolic health. 

“Nuts, like almonds, are a great snack. They’re high in protein, and fibre, and packed with vitamins and minerals, but they also have a high fat content which people can associate with increased body weight,” Dr Carter said.

“Nuts contain unsaturated fats – or healthy fats – which can improve blood cholesterol levels, ease inflammation, and contribute to a healthy heart.

“In this study, we examined the effects of an almond-supplemented diet with a nut-free diet to identify any influence on weight and cardiometabolic outcomes.

“Both the nut and nut-free diets resulted in approximately 9.3 per cent reduction in body weight over the trial.

“Yet the almond-supplemented diets also demonstrated statistically significant changes in some highly atherogenic lipoprotein subfractions, which may lead to improved cardiometabolic health in the longer term.

“Additionally, nuts have the added benefit of making you feel fuller for longer, which is always a pro when you’re trying to manage your weight.”

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