Yango Enhances EAT Festival – Karachi 2024 Experience with Unique Activations and Hassle-Free

KARACHI – Yango, an international tech company that plays a prominent role in the ride-hailing industry of Pakistan, is a significant collaborator with Karachi Eat 2024, where Yango’s interactive activations aim to seamlessly blend into the festival ambience, enriching the overall experience for attendees.

 Yango is dedicated to offering reliable and convenient transportation solutions. For Karachi Eat, the partnership is expected to benefit the many who throng the festival from the 12th to the 14th of January.

One Yango highlight at Clifton’s Beach View Park is a car-shaped photo booth that provides attendees with a unique opportunity to capture memorable moments. This photo booth adds a touch of whimsy to the festival and reinforces Yango’s commitment to making the journey as enjoyable as getting to the destination. Additionally, Yango will host the Yango Pinball Challenge, allowing participants to showcase their skills and precision as they navigate a virtual road, tying in seamlessly with the transportation theme.

Furthermore, visitors to the Yango booth will have the chance to spin the wheel and unveil exclusive discount codes, enhancing the overall experience of utilizing Yango for transportation during the festival. Yango’s presence at Karachi Eat aims to showcase the brand’s dedication to providing transportation service and a comprehensive and delightful experience for festival attendees.

In addition to these exciting activations, Yango will ensure attendees can arrive at Karachi Eat 2024 easily and hassle-free, eliminating concerns about parking spots. With Yango’s reliable and convenient ride-hailing service, festival-goers can focus on savouring the culinary delights without the stress of finding parking, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.


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