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In recent times, there’s been a rise in so-called FAST streaming services. That’s a strange term for what actually comes out to mean Free Ad Supported Television. For me and you, that means getting to stream many of the shows, movies and news coverage we all like without having to pay a cent. Of course, that means dealing with a few ads but hey, that gives you more time to check out Twitter, Instagram or your other favorite social media app, right? One of the newest of these services is Sling’s foray into the world of free content courtesy of Sling Freestream. It’s free TV on your terms with some great options for what to watch. Even if you’re already signed up to other services, it’s worth adding this one to your collection.

A pretty cool service to check out, Sling Freestream is completely free. All you need to do is create a free account with your email address to gain a more personalized experience and you’re good to go. From the moment you sign up, you can check out plenty of live and on demand content within seconds. Sling is already one of the best live TV streaming services around so you can be confident it has some great free content too. You can even choose to add or subtract premium TV via standalone options — like SHOWTIME and MGM+ — or the paid Sling service, so there are plenty of choices here for you. It’s reassuringly risk-free and there’s truly no downside to trying it out.

When we’re thinking of choices, we’re super delighted to see what Sling Freestream has to offer. It includes many established names in the world of entertainment and news. For instance, if you love to keep up with the world, you can check out ABC News’s coverage. It includes informational content like America This Morning, ABC News Live Update, and World News Tonight Prime with David Muir. Alternatively, there’s CBS News with all the latest headlines, CBS This Morning, and CBS News Originals. There’s also financial news network, Cheddar, with all the insight you need about the world of finance.

Looking for something lighter? No sweat. Sling Freestream also has a bunch of short-form content that you can pop in to with even the shortest of attention spans. There’s the hilarious Fail Army video channel with its Best Fails of the Month, a playlist of great content, and more. From there, you can switch to the Pet Collective with its focus on the cutest moments from pets and amazing animals. Think of it as like all the best bits from online, saving you the need to dig out cool clips for yourself.

For something with a little more bite, there’s Comedy Central Pluto, which has South Park, classic Key & Peele episodes, Chappelle’s Show, and a bunch more favorites. Follow that with the Comedy Dynamics channel and you can check out Jeff Dunham and Sinbad’s stand up which you know will keep you hollerin’. Little ones will adore Nick Jr. with Peppa Pig, Blue’s Clues & You, and Bubble Guppies too. Since Sling Freestream is a web-based service, you can bring the Bubble Guppies on the road and possibly stave off a toddler meltdown (fingers crossed on that one). The whole family can also enjoy what’s here thanks to AFV Family with its Prank Video Showdown that’s sure to make everyone laugh, along with Epic Funny Videos Countdown. Buzzr includes classic quizzes to keep you on your trivia toes. It’s all a lot of fun and we’re enjoying the fact there’s something to suit every mood here.

For current culture news that affects the black community, The Grio has your news, hot takes, and lifestyle activities covered. Sling Freestream also offers some great movies and shows with  BET Pluto, Maverick Black Cinema, and more for African American audiences.

For some calming times, there’s also Bob Ross with the Joy of Painting and plenty of cooking shows as well. In all, there are over 150 different channels catering to all kinds of tastes. You even get access on-demand to over 40,000 movies. No matter how picky your household might get, there’s going to be something worth watching, right?

Sling Freestream is super easy to browse with absolutely no risk or fee involved in signing up. With a sweet mix of live and on-demand content, there’s always something to watch here. Finally, free TV on your terms means something genuinely worth watching. We’re excited to catch up on classic Key & Peele in particular but simply being able to check anything out without paying is always the streaming dream.

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