‘We stand with Constitution,’ Justice Qazi Faiz Esa addresses the Parliament

ISLAMABAD — The senior most judge after Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umer Ata Bandial, Justice Qaiz Faiz Esa on Monday addressed the Parliament’s joint session on 50th anniversary of Constitution of 1973.

Justice Isa made it clear at the opening of his address that his purpose was not to engage in political discourse, but rather to declare “on behalf of myself and my institution that we stand with this book (the Constitution).”

Judge Isa also held out a copy of the Constitution as he spoke, to which the audience responded by banging their desks.

“This book is who we are, who Pakistan is. There was not a single nay vote cast by the elected representatives of the period,” he added.

Judge Isa urged everyone to acknowledge the Constitution’s significance.

He pointed towards NA Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf and stated that he had inquired whether political topics will be discussed before attending today’s meeting. ”But you told me that we would just discuss constitutional issues. But there was a lot of political discussion,” he laughed.

He said, “That is their constitutionally protected right to freedom. I thus don’t respond to them, but that does not imply that I concur with them. I want to be clear about this. I simply want to be clear that I came [for the] golden jubilee of the Constitution. It’s possible that tomorrow these people’s cases will [be heard] and judgements will be rendered against them.”

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