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Watch: Street Food Vendor Adds Burning Coal In Chutney, Internet Calls It “Toxic”

Chutney is spicy. Chutney is refreshing. Chutney alone can turn around your foodie experience. Let us agree, it is an all-time favourite accompaniment of almost every dish of Indian cuisine. The best part about chutney is that it’s extremely diverse. You can play with different ingredients – be it fruits, herbs or vegetables, but the result is always delicious. However, this ‘aag wali chutney’ all the way from Jammu has disappointed the internet. The video of the “toxic food” was shared by Saurabh, who goes by the Instagram account ‘That Delhi Foodie’. 

The video captures the chutney preparation at a local stall in Jammu. In the clip, we can see a man placing two big chunks of coal on a plate. Moments later, a worker brings a big drum of green chutney to the stall. They pour some mustard oil on the coal and using a matchstick set the coal chunks on fire. Next, they add the burning coal to the chutney drum and close the lid for a few minutes. Later, they give it a nice stir and voila, the ‘aag wali chutney’ is ready. The food blogger also shared the location of the stall in the caption.
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He wrote, “Aag wali chutney also known as dhuni chutney. Where – Gulshan Naan, Jammu.”

Check out the full video here:

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While this fiery chutney may entice your foodie side to give it a try, Instagram users have backed out. In the comment section of the post, people have expressed their concern over the “toxic food.”

A user called it “cancerous toxic food” while another said, “Cancer chutney.”

A person wrote, “They mixed charcoal in d chutney. What is this.”

“It’s carcinogenic … study at least that much,” read a comment.

An Instagram user commented: “Smoky chutney carbon maarkar.”

A comment also mentioned that consuming the coal chutney is “equal to smoking 100 cigarettes at a time.”

What do you think of it?

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