Tamil actress Nayanthara roped in FIR claiming insults again Hindu deity and promoting ‘Love Jihad’

Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food actress, Nayanthara has been roped in a case registered against the film’s director, producers, and Netflix India’s content head, filed by a right-wing outfit in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur.

A First Information (FIR) Report was filed against the film by Ramesh Solanki, founder of the Hindu IT cell. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) spokesperson, Shriraj Nair, warned Netflix to take down the film.

The case, by Hindu Sewa Parishad’s founder and president Atul Jeswani, has been filed under Indian Penal Code sections citing promoting enmity among religious groups.  

The FIR Report alleges that the accused hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, disrespected Ram and promoted ‘love jihad’ through Annapoorani

The FIR was filed at the Omti police station by Hindu Sewa Parishad and names seven accused, including Nayanthara, director Nilesh Krishnaa, producers Jatin Sethi and R Ravindran, and Netflix India’s content head Monika Shergill.

In the FIR, the Hindu Sewa Parishad alleged that Annapoorani has hurt Hindu religious sentiments, and insulted Sanatana Dharma. It also alleged that the film made comments against Ram.

It points to certain scenes in the movie, including one where Nayanthara, who plays the daughter of a temple priest, offers Namaz (Islamic prayer) and wears a hijab before making Biryani. It also claims that a friend of the character played by Nayanthara “brainwashes” her into cutting meat, “claiming that Lord Ram and goddess Sita also consumed meat.”

Jeswani also alleged that the movie promotes ‘love jihad’ — a term used by some right-wing supporters who claim that Muslim men marry Hindu women and convert them.

Directed by Nilesh Krishnaa, Annapoorani was released on December 1, and began streaming on OTT platform Netflix on December 29. After severe backlash on social media, the film was pulled from Netflix.


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