SRK begged and requested THIS director for another film!

Looks like Shah Rukh Khan’s nostalgia of Chaiyya Chaiyya has forced him to beg Mani Ratnam for another film!

Indian cinema’s king Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, ‘requested and begged’ director Mani Ratnam for a film at a recent event, even going far as to offering to dance on top of a plane if it meant securing a film with him. 

Khan and Ratnam had worked together in the 1998 cult classic Dil Se

On Wednesday, at the CNN-News18 Indian Of The Year 2023 event, the two spoke about collaborating on a project. 

Trying to convince Ratnam to cast him, the Pathaan star said he was ready to do Chaiyya Chaiyya on top of a plane if the filmmaker directed him. 

Khan told Ratnam, “I’m requesting you, I’m begging you and I’m telling you every time to do a film with me. I swear, this time, I’ll dance on top of the plane for Chaiyya Chaiyya if you tell me… And, good evening Suhasini (Mani Ratnam’s wife). I told you that time to tell him ‘Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh’ before he sleeps.” When asked if he’ll make another film with the actor, the director said he would do so ‘when he (Shah Rukh) buys a plane…” reported Hindustan Times.

Boasting about his unprecedented box office successes in 2023 alone, Khan said, “Mani, the way my films are doing, a plane is not faraway.” 

“I’ll bring it down to earth, don’t worry,” Ratnam joked.


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