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Shakira criticized by ex-employee for being ‘not very professional’

Shakira slammed by former employee for being ‘not very professional’

Shakira is the second artist to Lizzo to face accusations by former employees.

Speaking to Asi es la vida, Cristina Castano, a former employee, revealed that she had collaborated with the Colombian musician on the music video for Hips don’t lie and noted that her demeanor was not friendly.

She has even voiced complaints about some overly harsh methods used with the extras.

The candour of Cristina Castano’s admission suggests that the Colombian singer insisted the extras to avoid interaction with her on the set.

“It says in the contract that when Shakira passes by, they stand up and face the wall. There are no more words,” Castano told the outlet.

“When you say that they shouldn’t approach you, when you take a girl who stands out more than you from the filming then you’re not very professional.”

The former staffer also brought up Shakira’s past relationship with Gerard Pique, taking latter’s side on the matter and calling Shakira a complex person.

“She is a woman with many fears, with many insecurities. You don’t know the reality. What this family has lived through for 12 years, what Gerard Pique has suffered, you don’t know”, she said.

She further says, “She’s the stingiest woman you’ve ever met, she doesn’t give a shit if she’s got enough.”

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