Sajal Aly shares her two cents on Pakistani elections

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly took to Instagram Stories today, wading into the emotionally charged discourse surrounding the country’s elections. Acknowledging the “many twists and turns” unfolding in the political arena, she used her platform to amplify both concerns and a flickering hope for the future.

“There have been many changes since the night till now,” Aly declared in Urdu, punctuating her message with a clapping emoji. This brief statement hinted at the dynamic and volatile nature of the elections, leaving room for individual interpretation and sparking further discussion among her followers.

Next, she shared Laga Reh Shehzad’s powerful song “Roy,” a poignant commentary on Pakistan’s political landscape, social injustices, and the struggles of its people. Tagging the artist, she said, “Your concern was accurate. Sad,” acknowledging the song’s prescience and lamenting the ongoing issues it highlighted.

Despite the turmoil, Aly unearthed a glimmer of optimism. “However, the good news is that today, the entire nation is concerned about the nation,” she wrote. “Keep at it!” This message resonated strongly, emphasizing the increased political awareness and activism among the citizenry. It highlighted a nation unified in its demand for positive change, its voice rising above the sociopolitical noise.

By sharing her thoughts and emotions, Aly joined a chorus of voices demanding a better future for Pakistan. 


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