Qatar releases 8 Indians after revoking death penalty in espionage case

DOHA – A group of former Indian naval officers was released by Qatar authorities, months after they were held on death row for spying charges.

Reports in international media said at at least 7 the 8 men have already returned to India as death penalty had been converted into prison sentences of different time period.

The decision to revoke death sentences was made by Qatari Emir, following continued diplomatic efforts by India. The former naval officers were held in August 2022 amid strained relations between India and Qatar, a significant natural gas supplier to Asian nation. 

Modi led government then engaged in prolonged discussions with Middle Eastern nation to resolve the issue.

The accused mensecretly gathered information about Doha’s secret programme to buy advanced Italian submarines. The CEO of a private defence company and Qatar’s head of international military operations were also in custody, facing the same charges.

Authorities in Middle Eastern nation also confiscated devices, and come to know about evidence supporting the allegations.


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