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‘Practical Magic 2’ producer reveals to ‘faithfully’ adapt ‘Book of Magic’

Plots of Practical Magic sequel will be heavily drawn from Alice Hoffman’s novel The Book of Magic.

Practical Magic 2, starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, will closely follow the plot of Alice Hoffman’s novel The Book of Magic.

According to Entertainment Weekly, producer Denise Di Novi, in an interview published on Tuesday, July 9, offered some insights on the plot of the upcoming Practical Magic sequel.

“I think [fans are] going to be very pleased,” she created anticipation before adding, “We’re going to be very faithful. We’re cognizant to how important those characters and that movie are to so many people.”

“We’re not going to reinvent the wheel,” the producer explained, “We’re going to draw from Alice Hoffman’s book, as the first movie did, and we’re going to be true to the chronology of how many years later it is.”

In addition to Bullock, 59, and Kidman, 57, who are booked as stars and producers, Di Novi says, “We’re not 100 per cent sure which characters will return.”

Further teasing the premiere date of the sequel to the 1998 film, in which Bullock and Kidman played witch siblings Sally and Gillians Owens, the producer revealed, “It’s going to be in 2025, but I’m not exactly sure when.”

Additionally, Hoffman’s 2021 book, from which the plot of the Practical Magic sequel will be heavily drawn, is the fourth published novel in the series that began with 1995 original, though the two prior instalments served as prequels.

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