Poonam Pandey remains unapologetic after death from cervical cancer

Poonam Pandey, the model and actress who sparked outrage with her fake “death” announcement from cervical cancer, continues to defend her actions.

Amidst intense backlash, she reposted messages on Instagram arguing the stunt’s effectiveness in raising awareness, despite causing distress and ethical concerns.

Pandey’s supporters claim the 24-hour drama garnered attention, with one message stating, “Thousands of women must have researched or even booked tests [for cervical cancer].” Another admirer lauded the “lie” as a necessary shock tactic, arguing, “In India, people don’t pay attention unless it’s presented differently.”

Dismissing accusations of profiteering, fans like Pandey herself emphasize, “It was purely for a cause. Poonam Pandey got no compensation.” They urge critics to acknowledge the impact, with Pandey declaring, “Haters can hate, but can you deny the impact?”

However, the “impact” comes at a cost. Both the marketing agency (Schbang) and collaborator Hauterfly issued apologies, particularly to those affected by cancer. While acknowledging Pandey’s mother’s battle with cancer and the dire statistics in India, they conceded, “We regret any distress caused.”

The agency defends its approach, highlighting unprecedented media coverage: “This is the first time… ‘Cervical Cancer’ has appeared in 1000+ Headlines.” They argue that sparking debate, even through controversial methods, can ultimately save lives.



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