PML-N comes under fire for sharing family pictures of woman who trolled Maryam Nawaz in viral video

ISLAMABAD – Following the back-and-forth jibes taken by PTI and PML-N supporters and party officials, Pakistani politics has turned into drama, to say the least. After the recent incident of a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter ridiculing PML-N chief Vice President, Maryam Nawaz, surfaced online, a new debate sparked which divided the internet into polarized opinions where the ruling party supporters took great offense while the opposition justified the act under freedom of expression.

For background context, the fiasco was set in motion with a viral clip showing a woman asking Nawaz for a selfie but startled her as soon as she asked the daughter of the former Pakistani PM to repeat, “My family are thieves.” Nawaz was evidently taken aback not understanding what she requested and asked the woman to repeat herself. The woman persistently repeated, and when Maryam realized what the woman intended, she maintained her dignity by giving a smile, and politely moved away from the frame.    

In response to the woman’s jab, a PML-N account on a microblogging platform shared a snap of the same woman with her infant daughter with a huge cross drawn around it.

“How will the sick-minded youthias train the coming generation and the fifth generation youthia will be at the lowest level,” the post cited.

As the family clicks of PTI supporter’s surfaced on the internet, her husband took to social media, stating, “PMLN leadership, you are responsible for this account. You have posted a photo of my infant, just to troll my wife, thus crossing all bounds of decency. My daughter & I have no interest in PK politics. But as a Father I will protect my child. Apologise immediately.”

The online spat was then joined by Pakistani Canadian actor Armeena Khan who also shared two cents on the ruling party for allegedly harassing the woman by sharing a picture of her with her newborn daughter.

“Had this happened in Pakistan, the selfie lady would’ve ‘disappeared.’ ;),” the Janaan star wrote. “I’m glad we have such freedoms in the U.K where we hold our politicians to account. If you’re going to live on British soil then it is OUR rules. We have freedom of speech.”

She also mentioned that “Maryam Nawaz hates babies I guess. Poor thing couldn’t take it with her thin skin so sent her official goons to harass a private citizen of another country. I’ve never seen such a thing before from a mainstream political party before,” Khan tweeted.

Amid the development, social media users tagged several leaders of ruling party politicians for refusing to condemn this heinous act.

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