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ChatGPT has rapidly taken over essential daily tasks and increased our dependency on the AI model. The lack of an app, however, has proved a significant drawback for many users who wish to use the app on their phones on the go.

Perplexity AI is an iPhone app that brings ChatGPT directly to your smartphone, with a beautiful interface, features and zero annoying ads. The free app isn’t the official ChatGPT application but hosts the software and allows access to all the features.

The app offers two options to write a prompt with your keyboard or tap the microphone icon to use your voice. Perplexity AI will answer all questions posed to it, just like ChatGPT. The interface features cute animations in the search bar, while the response rate of the service is quite quick.

Perplexity AI also has another feature that lets users look at related questions after the service responds, enabling users to dig deep into their research and find the answer.

The app also displays all the sources it gathered the information from, after answering the question. The View List button will show a breakdown of each article the app looked at and tap on it to read the sourced article directly in the app. This helps to eliminate the chances of errors and wrong answers, when sources are provided and can be cross-checked for reference.

Among various ChatGPT mobile devices on the app store, most of them proving to be scams or hosting malware, Perplexity AI is reliable and the best app to use on the phone, instead of switching to a browser to use ChatGPT.

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