PCB protests Asia Cup host arrangement that favours India

LAHORE — The Asia Cup hosting agreement has been returned to the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) with a protest from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

The PCB has expressed opposition to the deal, saying they would choose the tournament’s location and that it looks to benefit India.

The document has been amended and given back to the ACC with a letter asking improvements while keeping in mind the “Hybrid Model,” according to Najam Sethi, chairman of the PCB Management Committee.

According to the details, Sethi stated during an interview with local media outlet ‘Express News’ that “When I took charge in the PCB, I asked if former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja had signed the deal to host the Asia Cup . what rules and regulations apply?”         

Sethi has been requesting a copy of the hosting agreement for a while and has now been successful in doing so. Sethi stated that from reading the text it looks that India would choose the location of the event.

The document was revised by the PCB and sent back to the ACC, but they have not yet received any response.

The cricket board has recommended that the games take place at a neutral site where the stadium will be packed and the most money can be made from the event. The PCB is thus optimistic that the ruling will be in their favour.

The Pakistani team’s participation in the World Cup in India is still up in the air. The PCB will inquire about the government’s viewpoint on this issue. At now, the Asia Cup is the main concern, followed by the next steps.

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