Pakistan’s first shipment of dried chilies arrives in China under CPEC cooperation

Pakistan’s first shipment of dry red chilies has arrived in China under enhanced agricultural cooperation between Iron Brother nations. 

The South Asian nation remained among high-quality chili-producing countries in the region, with the potential to become a major player in chili cultivation, and now its first batch landed in China’s Neijiang city.

Pakistan’s envoy to China Khalil Hashmi commended the step, as he called it a new chapter in the trade relations between Islamabad and Beijing and will help increasing economic ties.

CPEC holds a significant role in boosting agricultural trade and improving food security between two sides. As Chinese firms are actively supporting local farmers in adopting latest technologies and providing training to enhance production, the consignment will help China growing high-quality crops like red chilies.

Pakistan and China continue their bilateral ties to increase agricultural production and trade, and maiden shipment of dry chilies to China showcased the capabilities of Pakistani exporters and signaled the potential for further cooperation.

The country enters new era in trade relationship between Pakistan and China, highlighting vast growth potential in the Chinese market. He urged Pakistani exporters to maintain high-quality standards, improve productivity, and implement effective marketing strategies to meet the expectations of the Chinese market. 

Chili contract farming project under CPEC agricultural initiatives will have positive impact on local agricultural development and the lives of farmers.


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