Pakistani stars share two cents on the recent Maryam Nawaz controversy

The recent controversy roping in Pakistani politician Maryam Nawaz and a woman who heckled her in public is making headlines with many prominent figures from Lollywood chiming in to express their unfiltered opinions. While actors Muneeb Butt and Bilal Qureshi spoke in favour of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) chief organizer, others are praising the lady for giving Nawaz a taste of her own medicine. 

For background context, a video recently surfaced on social media platforms where a hijabi woman speaking in a somewhat British accent tricked Nawaz into taking a picture. The woman asked Nawaz to repeat, “My family are thieves,” which startled the PML-N leader who was obviously taken aback and moved away from the camera frame while maintaining her dignity. 

Many social media users opined that Nawaz was justifiably treated, among whom actress Armeena Khan was included, while others condemned the gesture stating that it is “extremely wrong” and suggested that the woman cajoled Nawaz into speaking ill of her family. 

Muneeb Butt took to Twitter to share his opinion, and actor Bilal Qureshi shared a now-expired Instagram story where he expressed his dismay. On the flip side, Qureshi’s wife felt otherwise and suggested that what goes around, comes around.

While Lollywood celebrities are divided into polarized opinions, Armeena Khan has been scrutinized by PML-N’s Twitter media handle for sharing an image of Khan with her infant daughter and a huge red cross over the image. The tweet also used derogatory slur for PTI supporters directed at Khan.

PMLN’s tweet read, “How will the sick-minded youthia’s train the coming generation and the fifth generation youthia will be at the lowest level.” 

The fiasco began when Khan retweeted the same video in discussion and stated, “Had this happened in Pakistan, the selfie lady would’ve ‘disappeared.’ I’m glad we have such freedoms in the U.K. where we hold our politicians to account. If you’re going to live on British soil then it is OUR rules. We have freedom of speech.” 


As soon as the ruling political party’s tweet surfaced, actors Osman Khalid Butt, author Shahbaz Taseer, and many others lambasted those in authority.  

Khan’s husband Fesl Reza-Khan also jumped in and asked the political party account to “apologise immediately.”

“PML-N leadership, you are responsible for this account. You have posted a photo of my infant, just to troll my wife, thus crossing all bounds of decency. My daughter & I have no interest in PK politics. But as a father I will protect my child. Apologise immediately,” he wrote.

Kasim Gilani, son of former prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, also agreed with Fesl on the matter.

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