Pakistani and Indian artists join forces for ‘Noor Allah’

In a remarkable display of cross-border musical collaboration, renowned Indian musician and singer Salim Merchant has joined forces with Pakistani counterpart Salman Hassan to bring forth a mesmerizing music video titled “Noor Allah.” Just two days ago, the Pakistani artist released the highly anticipated video, showcasing not only the talent of the two artists but also the ability of music to transcend political boundaries.

The collaborative effort in “Noor Allah” resonates with audiences on both sides of the India-Pakistan border. Hassan’s soul-stirring vocals combined with Merchant’s musical prowess have created a captivating piece that has swiftly captured the hearts of music enthusiasts. The song’s release witnessed an outpouring of positive reactions, emphasizing its instant popularity among diverse music lovers.

Directed by the skilled Vipin Kaushal, the lyrics of “Noor Allah” are penned by Ali Jaan, adding poetic depth to the composition. The music, a crucial element of any successful song, is thoughtfully composed by Bilal Wajid. Merchant took to his Instagram to express that it was an ode to the Prophet.

Take a look at the full video:

The collaborative effort has not gone unnoticed globally, with music enthusiasts and industry professionals praising the fusion of Indian and Pakistani musical talents.


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