Pakistani actors grieve over Khalid Butt’s demise

The impermanence of life is a universal truth, and as individuals traverse this mortal realm, their deeds and character resonate through the ages. Khalid Butt, a stalwart of the Pakistani entertainment industry, stands as a testament to this enduring legacy, having charmed audiences across three generations.

The recent passing of Butt, who graced the screen in the acclaimed drama “Khaie,” has left an irreplaceable void in the industry. His contributions were not only lauded during his lifetime but continue to echo as a benchmark of excellence. The magnitude of his impact became evident as luminaries from the world of showbiz gathered to bid a heartfelt farewell at his funeral including Bilal Qureshi and Kashif Mehmood.

The emotional outpouring at Khalid Butt’s funeral saw prominent showbiz stars grappling with their grief, unable to contain their tears and emotions. 

SA Times took the opportunity to speak with several stars in attendance, allowing them to share poignant memories and anecdotes about the legendary Khalid Butt. In these conversations, industry figures paid tribute to not only his professional achievements but also the warmth and camaraderie he shared with his colleagues. 


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