Mehwish Hayat, Ali Rehman Khan and Momin Saqib set to share screen in Daghabaaz Dil

Pakistani director and producer, Wajahat Rauf, is all set to visually treat cinema-goers with Daghabaaz Dil starring A-list actors in lead roles.

The upcoming film features Mehwish Hayat, Ali Rehman Khan and Momin Saqib. Previously in an Instagram post, the stars shared a sneak peek into their latest project. In recent development, Rauf took to the picture-sharing app to further excite his fans about his upcoming film.

Wajahat was seated with his wife, Shazia, Hayat and Khan. Saqib, however wasn’t present in the picture.

Daghabaaz Dil marks yet another collaboration of the producer with the stars. Hayat has previously worked with him in his 2019 directorial feature Chhalawa, Khan starred in his 2022 film Parde Mein Rehne Do, and Saqib in Rauf’s highly acclaimed 2020 drama series Raqs-e-Bismil.

In the post’s caption, Rauf excitedly called Daghabaaz Dil his “Film # 5” and proceeded to announce the upcoming film’s release for Eid ul Fitr, 2024.

The film is directed by Wajahat Rauf, produced by Shazia Wajahat , Badar Ikram, and Wajahat Rauf. Daghabaaz Dil is written by Mohsin Ali.


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