Meera reveals she’s found her soulmate, will marry soon

Meera, a prominent actress in the Pakistani film industry, has revealed that she has found her desired partner and that her fans can expect news of her upcoming marriage soon.

One of Lollywood’s versatile and talented actors Irtiza Rubab, popularly known as Meera has been a part of the showbiz industry for a long time.

The Salakhain diva has a knack for showing her talent whether it’s in the field of acting or modelling. The seasoned actress has had her mettle proven with a decades-long career.

In an interview, the actress also discussed the current state of the Pakistani film industry and expressed her belief that significant steps need to be taken to revive it. With the rise of technology, Meera emphasized the importance of creating an enticing cinema experience that would draw people back to theatres.

She stressed that the film industry’s revival would require a joint effort from both the government and the private sector, as massive investments are necessary to improve the conditions of the industry. The actress noted that the film industry’s success could be a powerful tool to counter the anti-Pakistan propaganda, but it has yet to be exploited in the way it needs to be.

Meera’s comments highlight the potential of the Pakistani film industry and the need for significant investments to make it successful. The revival of the industry could create opportunities for professionals in various fields and contribute to the positive image of the country.

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