Mansoor Ali Khan clears the air after leaked video clip from Maryam Nawaz’s interview goes viral

Soon after a leaked video clip from Maryam Nawaz’s interview went viral on social media and earned the Sharif family a strong reaction from the public, TV anchor Mansoor Ali Khan, who hosts a political talk show on Samaa TV, came out with his side of the story.

Giving details of the team that was involved in recording Maryam Nawaz’s interview, Mansoor Ali Khan said five to six people had access to the computer in which this interview was edited. He said he could not point out anyone without investigation. He however said what happened was unethical and he was responsible for that at the end of the day. He said he was bound not to record when his guest asked him not to record something. He said the computer in which this interview was edited had the internet access therefore it might have been hacked.

Giving an example of ethical journalism, Mansoor said that former Pakistani captain Younus Khan had an argument with him in Johannesburg during a cricket series between Pakistan and South Africa. After the interview, he said, Younus Khan realised that he did something wrong and he asked him not to broadcast that part of the interview. Mansoor said he did not broadcast that part of the interview as per Younus Khan’s request.

Mansoor Ali Khan came up with a clarification about the leaked video clip after a number of senior journalists and political commentators shared their thoughts on it on social media. Here are some of the tweets on the topic:

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