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Malaika Arora’s Love For Homemade Pinnis Is Too Relatable

No matter how fancy we eat outside, we often seek solace in home-cooked meals. And our favourite celebrities are no different. Malaika Arora is back with her food game. Her love for food is no hidden secret to this world. But her heart goes out for home-cooked meals. Be it the massive spread of Onam sadhya or spoiling her friends with chicken biryani, Malaika’s preference will always be home-cooked meals. So when her friend surprised her with homemade pinni that too in a hotel in the national capital, it was nothing less than a treat for Malaika. The B-town diva on Friday shared a picture of a box full of pinni on her Instagram stories. The text along with the picture read, “When a box of homemade pinnis made with love are waiting for me, even before I reach the room,” and ended with a handful of red heart emoticons.
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In case you don’t know pinni is basically a North Indian dessert, specially made in winter. In case you haven’t tried it before, here are a few different recipes for pinnis.

Here Are 5 Pinni Recipes For You:

1. Atta Pinni

Nothing can taste better than authentic Punjabi-style atta pinni, made with desi ghee, Indian spices and amazing dry fruits. Check Out the recipe here.

2. Atta Aur Makhana Pinni

This is the traditional delicious recipe, which is especially prepared during a festival or puja. In this flour is cooked with dry fruits, makhanas and gond (gum crystals). Take a look at the recipe here.

3. Almond And Sesame Pinni

This looks like any other sweet but its speciality is that it is prepared with the goodness of almond flakes and sesame seeds and tastes extremely delicious. The best part is that it is prepared in less than 30 minutes. Click here.

4. Kabuli Pinni

In just 30 minutes you can enjoy the luscious and creamy pinni that will melt in your mouth instantly. Instead of atta, chickpea flour is used. What are you waiting for? Take a look at the recipe here.

5. Dhaniya Pinni

Never in your wildest dream, you must have imagined that there is also something called Dhaniya Pinni. It is a falhari dish prepared during Janmashtami. Here is your recipe.

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