LPG price increased by Rs40 per kg

Domestic cylinder has become more expensive due to increase in LPG price by Rs 40 per kg.

LPG dealers said in a statement that the recent price hike is unjustified, Ogra had fixed the official price of 3026 per domestic cylinder and 256 per kg for January, “but the mafia is increasing the price unjustly by creating artificial shortage.”

Artificial shortage of gas has pushed the price to Rs 300 due to which domestic cylinders are being sold for Rs 3450 to Rs 355 while OGRA and the government are silent and helpless.

Reports suggest that the gas is not available anywhere in the country at the official price.

On the other hand, gas consumers are protesting against the illegal increase in LPG price. Consumers say that all this is happening with the connivance of OGRA and government agencies. 

Earlier this month, OGRA announced a rise in LPG prices with effect from January 1, 2024.

The updated prices indicated a rise of Rs1.57 per kg, bringing the total cost to Rs256.43 per kg.


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