Louisville bank shooting: What did Connor Sturgeon write before mass killing?

The suspect in the Louisville bank shooting can be seen in this picture. —LinkedIn/Connor Sturgeon
The suspect in the Louisville bank shooting can be seen in this picture. —LinkedIn/Connor Sturgeon

In yet another mass shooting that claimed at least five lives and injured eight, the investigations reveal that the shooter Connor Sturgeon was going to be fired, reported CNN

The shooter, 25 years old, had been employed in the Old National Bank for more than a year, however, as per the investigations, he was notified that he would be dismissed from his job.

CNN reported that Sturgeon wrote a note to his friend and his parents in which he indicated that he was going to conduct a shooting in the bank.

However, it was not stated the nature of the note whether it was emailed or written on paper or whether the recipients saw the letter before or after the mass shooting.

The shooting in Louisville was live-streamed on social media platform Instagram which has been taken down.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Connor Sturgeon had been an intern at the Old National Bank for three summers between 2018 and 2020 before becoming a full-time employee in June 2021.

According to a spokesperson at the University of Alabama, he graduated in finance completing his bachelors and masters from the university.

Sturgeon’s former classmate at high school who knew him and his family intimately noted that “he never saw any sort of red flag or signal that this could ever happen”.

The classmate, who requested not to be identified said: “He was a really good kid who came from a really good family.”

“I can’t even say how much this doesn’t make sense. I can’t.”

Back in 2018, a person named Connor Sturgeon, a student at the University of Alabama wrote a college essay and posted it to the website CourseHero, in which he wrote that he had struggled to fit in the school.

The essay read: “My self-esteem has long been a problem for me. As a late bloomer in middle and high school, I struggled to a certain extent to fit in, and this has given me a somewhat negative self-image that persists today. Making friends has never been especially easy, so I have more experience than most in operating alone.”

According to the text written by the author, he said “he had begun to mature socially and began to see improvement in this area, and that he hoped to “be more self-aware and start becoming a ‘better’ person.”

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