Louis Tomlinson signs fan’s Marriage Certificate at Jakarta Concert

During his “Faith in the Future” tour stop in Jakarta, Indonesia, former One Direction band member, Louis Tomlinson took a humorous detour from signing the usual fan memorabilia. A dedicated fan presented the singer with an official-looking marriage certificate featuring her photo alongside his, requesting his signature.

The document, which appeared to be a Republic of Indonesia excerpt of marriage certificate, included photos of both the fan’s and Tomlinson’s faces side-by-side and his signature in the middle.

Tomlinson, ever the sport, inquired if the document was “legit” before playfully adding his signature in the center. This lighthearted interaction continued at the post-show meet and greet, where, when jokingly asked about staying in Jakarta, Tomlinson quipped, “If my wife wants me to!”

@ladycryalot Replying to @Akgon DREAMS DO COME TRUE! ❤️ (im still sobbing rn) #FITFWTJakarta #LouisTomlinson #FaithInTheFuture ♬ original sound – noy

While Tomlinson’s signature certainly adds a unique twist to the fan’s souvenir, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t hold any legal weight. Indonesian law requires a formal ceremony for a marriage to be recognized.

s Tomlinson has flown the coop and soared to solo superstardom! His second album, “Faith in the Future,” dropped in November 2022, shattering expectations and hitting #1 on the UK charts – his first solo claim to the top spot. Packed with genre-bending anthems like “Bigger Than Me” and soulful ballads like “Out of My System,” this album is a testament to Louis’s artistic evolution and emotional depth. 


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