Let’s change Pakistan’s destiny! Cricket stars take to polls

With Pakistan’s historic elections underway, renowned cricketers are taking to social media to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote and choose a brighter future for the country.

Shahid Afridi, the iconic “Lala,” cast his vote in NA 236 Karachi, setting the example for fans. He proudly shared a picture of his inked thumb, sending a clear message of participation.


Former batsman Muhammad Hafeez used his platform to urge voters to choose wisely. Sharing a joyful photo after voting, he declared, “My vote is for the good of Pakistan and its development.”

T20 Captain Shaheen Shah Afridi framed voting as a national duty, urging citizens to “elect competent representatives” and vote “for the country’s best interests.” He declared, “Voting isn’t just a right; it’s our strength! Let’s vote for a better Pakistan…”

Legendary Wasim Akram highlighted the potential for change through voting, reminding everyone that it’s “our right” to choose the best leaders for progress. He concluded with a patriotic note: “It’s our right, so go out and use that power of vote. Pakistan ???????? zindabad.”

Not one to sit out, fast bowler Omar Gul, aka “Gul Dozer,” cast his vote and urged others to follow suit. He passionately advocated, “I voted for Pakistan’s development. Join me – bring your families and vote!”

Iftikhar Ahmed also wrote “A humble request to all Pakistanis; Please vote! Don’t boycott! Use your right to elect who you think is best for the nation and the country.”



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