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Kourtney Kardashian throws shade at Kim’s ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat

Kourtney Kardashian is bashing her sisters for having a group chat to discuss her behind her back 

Kourtney Kardashian threw shade at her family for having a group chat behind her back that discusses her changed behavior.

In an Instagram comment, Kourtney replied to a user who asked her about the infamous “Not Kourtney” chat that Kim announced in the first episode of The Kardashians season 4.

The user had asked Kourtney if she was “in the Not Kourtney group text with Kim.”

“I believe it was just my sisters from the surveys I’ve been taking,” the Poosh founder wrote.

Another of her followers noted, “Sadly I don’t think they would admit to it.”

To which, Kourtney insisted, “my friends are ride or dies.”

This comes after the 44-year-old reality star had an explosive fight with her sister Kim on the phone. The two were discussing plans for a vacation but quickly got into a heated argument, with Kourtney calling Kim “narcissistic,” and Kim telling her about the family group chat where they discuss Kourtney’s changing attitude amid marriage with Travis Barker.

Kourtney Kardashian throws shade at Kim’s ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat

“You’re a different person. We all talk about it,” Kim, 42, told Kourtney, referencing to her sisters. “We’re all confused, and we’re on a group chat that’s actually labeled ‘Not Kourtney.’”

She even went on to allege that Kourtney’s children come to her with concerns they have regarding their mom.

“Is that helpful? Like, it’s you and my friends and my kids and everyone against me,” Kourtney said as she got emotional.

The fight ended with Kourtney blasting Kim: “You’re just a f*cking witch, and I f*cking hate you.”

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