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James Webb Telescope detects life supporting element on Jovian moon – SUCH TV

Researchers have found their studies a crucial element on Jupiter’s moon Europa that could help sustain life outside Earth as experts are scrambling to look for traces of habitability on the other planets of the solar system.

According to international media reports, the results of the studies published in the journal Science gave new explanations about the chemical composition of the ocean beneath the surface of the moon covered with ice.

The observations from the James Webb Telescope suggested that the carbon dioxide originates from its ocean covered with ice.

After gathering considerable information, missions bound for Jupiter’s natural satellite will analyse the possibility of life taking into account the crucial elements supporting life.

Despite finding the origination of the CO2 from the icy surface, scientists have yet to determine how it originated.

Scientists are trying to answer by exploring assumptions about whether the CO2 was delivered to Europa by meteorite impacts or whether it was indigenously produced through the interaction of the planet’s magnetic field.

According to the experts, determining the source of the CO2 would help draw constraints on the chemistry of Europa’s internal ocean.

One of the two studies identified an area of concentration on Europa abundant with CO2 in a nearly 1,800-square-kilometre region called Tara Regio. They believe that the facts indicated the origination of CO2 from an internal source of carbon.

Scientists, keeping in view their findings said this CO2 was formed within Europa’s subsurface ocean and brought to the surface on a geologically recent timescale.


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